Wedding Organiser (Using Excel) Software

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At last - a free organiser for brides to use to plan their own wedding.  This organiser has everything you need to plan your wedding.
  Best of all, its totally free - no catches.  You don't have to subscribe to anything, pay a cent, or register for a trial.  Just down the
spreadsheet by clicking on the link (NB you will need to have Microsoft Excel installed with the abiltiy to run Macros to run this software).

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To do list A comprehensive to do list in a checklist format.  Includes everything you need to do leading up to your wedding including things to do as soon as you get engaged, the things you should concentrate on first up, things to do 3 months before, 2 months before, 6 weeks before, 4 weeks before, 2 weeks before, 1 week before and a few days before your actual wedding.  

Having a structured plan and knowing what to do and when will save you time and money!  But how are you supposed to know what to do and when if you've never been married before?  That's why we've written it all down for you!


A budget planner that outlines average costs, your estimated costs, actual costs as they occur, keeps track of deposits and remaining amounts owing (and the dates they are due!).  The automatic calculations make it easy to see in one glance how much you have budgeted, how much you have spent, and how much is left.  The budget planner is broken down into each key area of your wedding.

A page to keep track of your invitation wording, and calculations for how many invitations, envelopes, place cards, thank yous you require.
Guest Worksheet

A guest worksheet, to help you estimate who, and how many people to invite.  It will automatically calculate for you how many people are on your "must have" list, how many are on your "backup list" and how many you expect to attend.

A final guest list to keep track of people invited, their contact details, the date their invitation was sent, RSVPs, table allocations, special notes (ie dietry requirements), gifts received, and dates thank yous were sent.

A supplier organiser where you can keep track of all of your suppliers, including dress makers, make up artists, hairdressers, celebrants, reception venues, caterers, musicians, florists, photographers (and the list goes on) together with their contact details, and quotes received.

A photo organiser with lists of the common photo groupings, together with places for you to put the names of people that you want in each photo.  This will help you to be more organised on the day, get the photos you want without missing any that you forget, save photo taking time and ultimately save you money on your photographer.

A wedding day schedule, broken down into before the wedding, the ceremony, and the reception.  What should you do when?  How long does each thing take?  Use the schedule provided as a guide, and tailor it for your day.

A 2010 - 2016 calendar to keep track of your  key dates.

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